eXp Realty Complaints - Legit or Not?

eXp Realty Complaints – Legit or Not?

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eXp Realty Complaints – Legit or Not? There are hundreds of real estate companies operating across the country. They have brick and mortar offices where their agents can assemble and have meetings.
Taking advantage of the power of the internet, a new reality company called eXp has emerged on the scene. It has caught the attention of brokers around the country. Termed the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage, eXp is making waves and growing exponentially.
eXp realty cloud has attracted thousands of agents in a short period of time. Yet, there are still many people who have doubts about this model of business. These people express their doubts and also make complaints. There are also lots of individuals who want to know whether eXp Realty is legit or not.


Most of the eXp Realty complaints are of minor nature


Like any other business that comes into the limelight, eXp Realty is facing opposition from competitors. These companies are envious of the amazing success and popularity of eXp. They are rattled, do not know what hit them and took away a share of their business. Most of the eXp Realty complaints that make their way on to internet can be traced back to the competition.
No lawsuit filed against the company so far
Coming back to the subject of legitimacy, it is pertinent to make it clear here once and for all that this cloud-based brokerage business model.
It abides by all the laws and regulations put in place by the respective state governments in the profession of real estate. The fact that there has been not even a single complaint filed with law enforcement agencies against the company is a clear proof of it being legit.
In the light of above facts, it is correct to say that eXp Realty is a legit and fun business model.
More and more real estate agents are joining eXp Realty as they see the benefits and long-term rewards of this business model.
The web is full of stories of successful eXp Realty careers. Agents are signing praises about increased commissions, revenue sharing, and stock bonuses.
The substantial earning potential with eXp Realty is attracting brokers from all parts of the country. The fact that the company imparts coaching and employs the latest technological tools tells a lot about the intentions of eXp Realty. It desires to see all those associated with the company to succeed and to get higher returns for their efforts.
It is not more advanced tools and higher support from eXp Realty that has become the talk of the town. It is the actual higher commission splits to the ratio of 80:20 with the agents that are drawing agents closer to it. It goes without saying that eXp Realty commission splits are the highest in the industry and never heard of before.

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