eXp Realty Negative Reviews

eXp Realty Negative Reviews: Fact or Fiction?

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eXp Realty Negative Reviews: Fact or Fiction?  eXp Realty is currently the fastest growing realty company in the country, boasting a cutting-edge cloud-based real estate format.

The company was founded in 2008 by Glenn Sanford and in just nine years, eXp Realty has expanded into over 45 states with thousands of agents and brokers thriving under this innovative new real estate model.

However, in doing some research, you might encounter some negative reviews causing you to question the legitimacy of the company. When breaking the mold of an established industry, growing pains can be expected. Change can be challenging.

The most noticeable difference between eXp Realty and traditional real estate firms is that there are no brick and mortar offices.  Everything is done online using a cloud-based model.  The absence of rent, maintenance, and overhead costs increases the profitability for everyone involved. 

Despite no physical offices, all agents and brokers remain well connected through the cloud and are able to work collaboratively nationwide.  However, the lack of traditional office space is an adjustment for those accustomed to the antiquated real estate model and have trouble overcoming the lack of physical meeting spaces.  This seems to be the biggest hurdle for many who are veterans in the real estate space.  But the future is here…for many industries, not just real estate.  Many people are moving online to streamline processes and conduct business since it is more cost-effective and efficient.  Fortunately, the 2,600 new agents on board the eXp network speak for itself.  This cutting-edge platform is thriving and the proof is in the thousands of successful agents who have taken the leap into the future of real estate.

The other challenge seems to be the learning curve associated with eXp Realty training. The company offers collaborative, online training that is different from the one-on-one or classroom training that is expected by many aspiring agents. Some agents find this unique training overwhelming and they give up before giving themselves a chance to fully grasp the process.  eXp understands their frustrations and offers extensive help and support for their agents.

eXp is very proud to be at the forefront of this fundamental shift in the Real Estate model and will continue to pave the way for agents determined to succeed.

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