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Top 10 Reasons to Join eXp Realty

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If you are a new real estate agent or planning to build a grow your real estate business, it is a great idea to work as an associate for a leading real estate brokerage firm. There are many real estate companies to choose from, and eXp Realty is one the fastest growing in the US. It is world’s first cloud based company with no physical office and you can start and grow your business from wherever you are. Here are top 10 reasons why eXp Realty is one of the best brokerage firms in the US


  1. Join the company that belongs to future

There can be no doubt that all businesses in future will be internet based. Service providers and clients will be utilizing the power of internet to complete their transactions. In such a scenario, it is prudent to become associated with a company that does not require a brick and mortar office and relies completely on internet.


  1. It provides maximum compensation to agents

eXp Realty is the best when it comes to providing compensation to its agents. There is a 80/20 split and a $16K cap which means you retain 80% of the commission from a deal. There is also a revenue sharing model where agents are given bonuses in the form of stocks of the company and cash. You become a co-owner rather than just working for a company.


  1. It provides financial security and also an exit plan

With other real estate companies, you face a problem when you stop working because of illness or other personal problems. You have to work till you drop as retirement is just not thinkable. But with eXp Realty you get financial security as they have a residual income plan. By introducing new members and by sponsoring other agents, you can ensure that your income does not stop even if you stop working for eXp Realty.


  1. Best in business training and support

Join a company that makes sure you are successful with its powerful live training from its real estate experts.


  1. It is teamwork at eXp Realty

You build your business through full backing and support of eXp Realty. Agents are treated as members of a team and they are guided to success by the company.


  1. Become the owner of the company

While you are only a worker as an associate of any other company, you become a co-owner of the company when you become associated with eXp Realty. Its revenue sharing model gives you a chance to own the stocks of the company.


  1. Build a solid business

With no limitations imposed by brick and mortar offices, you are free to build a business using the power of internet.


  1. Advantage of cutting edge technology

eXp Realty is the company to be a part of if you are tech savvy. It provides powerful technology tools to make sure you are successful as an associate.


  1. Real time help from real estate leaders

eXp Realty is different from other realty firms in the sense that associates are looked after well by brokers who are leaders.


  1. Solid support

eXp Realty is the best when it comes in providing support in conducting real estate transaction and closing of deals.


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