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Top 5 Reasons eXp Realty Is Not a Good Fit For Agents

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It is really comforting to be under the umbrella of a large realty company when you are starting your business as a real estate agent. There are dozens of brokerage firms operating in all parts of the country to choose from. One of these is eXp Realty, word’s first cloud based brokerage firm. It advertises itself as an agent owned cloud brokerage. If you check internet, you will find that eXp Realty has been rated highly by the experts. It also offers maximum payout to its agents. However, there are reasons not to joining this realty company as an agent may be the right move:


  1. You like paying for an office

You are not an ideal candidate to join eXp Realty if you love the idea of a brick and mortar office where you can go and meet your clients. Of course you are charged heavily for this facility by realty franchises whereas you pay nothing to eXp Realty as it is an internet based company with no overhead expenses to maintain. You should not join eXp Realty if you like to pay rent to work as an associate agent.


  1. You prefer slow pace of work

eXp Realty is a company that believes in quick and easy results for its agents as it employs the latest technological tools to make sure they are successful. If you are comfortable doing things slowly in a traditional manner, then eXp Realty is not for you. On the other hand, it is tailor made for you if you like to grow your business at a phenomenal rate using cutting edge technologies.


  1. You don’t like technology

Exp Realty is a company that believes things can be made faster and easier using modern and latest technologies. If you are not technology savvy or stay away from modern gadgets, this realty company is not for you. But if you are ready to embrace modern technology, eXp Realty can do wonders for you with its help and support.


  1. You don’t like to secure your financial future

Who wouldn’t like to be a part of this revolution called eXp Realty that looks after the financial interests of its associates. Its tagline is agent owned cloud brokerage which means you can become a co-owner of the company as you continue to work for it. You can secure your financial future as you continue to receive residual income even when you stop working for it when you become ill or because of any other problem. But if you do not like to think about future, eXp Realty is not the ideal company for you.


  1. You only like making money when you see a piece of real estate

Yes, eXp Realty is a real estate franchise that helps you grow your business with its help and support. But it treats its agents as members of a team and gives them many different ways of making money besides real estate. It is not the ideal company for you if you think of money only when you see a piece of real estate.

If the reasons above don’t bother you, check out the Top 10 Reasons eXp Realty may be a good fit for you.

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