Investments in Technology: How We Stay Ahead of the Industry

Investments in Technology: How eXp Realty Stays Ahead of the Industry

Kevin OldhameXp Technology

Smart Agent Life is powered by eXp Realty, the first cloud-based real estate brokerage, but what exactly does that mean for our agents? We’re changing the way agents and home buyers and shoppers navigate the real estate industry, and much of our success lies in our investments in real estate technology. We empower each of our agents with high-level products …

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eXp Stock listed on NASDAQ. Why?

Kevin OldhameXp Stock, eXp Technology

eXp Stock listed on NASDAQ. Why? EXp Realty’s entry into Nasdaq was a billion-dollar day. eXp stock is a hot topic in the real estate brokerage market. There are dozens of real estate franchises in the country. But there is only one cloud-based realty firm called eXp Realty. It is an innovation in itself, solving the problems of buyers and …