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What Are eXp Realty Commission Splits?

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What are the eXp Realty Commission Splits?

Are you a real estate agent? Are you dissatisfied with your earnings? Do you want to maximize your income and close more deals than you are doing right now?


There is a real estate company that can help you in fulfilling all your dreams. This company is eXp Realty, a cloud based real estate company. eXp Realty has associated thousands of real estate agents to it in a very short period of time. There are many reasons why real estate agents are attracted to this real estate firm. But the biggest of them of course is eXp Realty commission splits.

eXp Realty Commission Splits in Plain English

Imagine paying no royalty, no administrative fees, and no franchise fees.

Yes, you can keep 80% of your commissions out of the deals closed by you. The company earns 20% of the commission while providing you with all the support and guidance you need to become a successful real estate agent. It is only the beginning of stream of rewards for you as a real estate agent. The company has a revenue sharing model of business.


Real estate agents with eXp Realty can also own the company’s publicly traded stock. This means you can become a shareholder of eXp Realty in a short period of time. No surprise then to see hundreds of blooming eXp Realty careers in all parts of the country.


What makes eXp realty different from other real estate firms operating in the country is the fact that it is a cloud-based firm. You do not see brick and mortar offices of eXp Realty. Despite this, you will find hundreds oof your colleagues online in the cloud.


In fact, it is a good idea to pay a visit to the virtual campus of the company to see the kind of advanced technological tools and training you will get as an agent. The eXp Realty Cloud allows you to be among your colleagues anytime you desire irrespective of your location across the country.


All successful businesses have to face the opposition of several groups. In the case of eXp Realty; it is the real estate agents working in traditional models who feel threatened with the rising popularity of the company. Most of the eXp Realty complaints that are there on the internet are of a minor nature. Disruption is threatening and sometimes slinging mud is a defense tactic.


One big advantage of joining eXp Realty is that you get the latest tech and training to use on your deals. If you are not tech savvy, eXp Realty provides you with full training along with other agents. This live training consists of over 25 hours of interactive sessions designed to turn you into a pro.

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