Indiana eXp Realty

eXp Realty Indiana: Big Moves in the Hoosier State

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eXp Realty is quickly becoming a dominant force in the real estate industry throughout the United States with more than 12,000 real estate agents nationwide. This cloud-based agent-owned brokerage has quickly become a top choice for realtors looking for a change from the typical archaic real estate model. Industry experts give eXp Realty Indiana the credit for leading the company …

eXp Realty Florida

eXp Realty Florida: Changing the Face of Real Estate

Kevin OldhameXp Realty Florida

In just 9 years eXp Realty has become the fastest growing real estate company in the country expanding into 47 states and employing over 10,000 agents. eXp Realty Florida has contributed to the overall success of eXp Realty by joining the ranks in 2017.  The growth of eXp Realty Florida has been impressive under the leadership of Mitch Ribak, the broker …

eXp Real Estate Model Explained

The eXp Real Estate Model Explained

Kevin OldhameXp Realty Model, Keller Williams

Here’s the eXp Real Estate model explained. So many real estate companies claim to be at the top of the chain, but eXp Realty is the only one creating buzz among agents and brokers. eXp Realty is the nation’s first agent-owned, cloud-brokerage company that also offers flexible commission splits. The company was established in 2009 and it has grown to …

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eXp Stock listed on NASDAQ. Why?

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eXp Stock listed on NASDAQ. Why? EXp Realty’s entry into Nasdaq was a billion-dollar day. eXp stock is a hot topic in the real estate brokerage market. There are dozens of real estate franchises in the country. But there is only one cloud-based realty firm called eXp Realty. It is an innovation in itself, solving the problems of buyers and …

EXP Realty Texas

eXp Realty Texas Continues to Grow

Kevin OldhameXp Realty Texas

eXp Realty Texas Continues to Grow Only a decade ago eXp Realty Texas wasn’t a household name in the real estate business. Today, this agent-owned, cloud-based brokerage leads the industry in cutting-edge technology and business structure. It is regarded as the future of the real estate industry by many, including former proponents of the traditional brick and mortar model. Currently, the …

EXP Realty Ohio

eXp Realty Ohio is Changing How Real Estate Agents Conduct Business

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Established in 2009, eXp Realty broke ground as the nation’s first agent-owned cloud-based brokerage. Since then, the company has expanded into 45 states and grown into an army of more than 10,000 agents. eXp Realty Ohio is a large contributor to the overall success of eXp Realty and has been steadily gaining ground in the state over the last few …

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eXp Realty Information – Ten things you may not know about eXp Realty

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Top 10 frequently asked questions about eXp Realty Services What is the commission split for eXp Realty? What is the annual cap for eXp Realty? How does eXp Realty revenue sharing program work? Does eXp Realty offer franchises? Where can I see what eXp Realty’s current stock price is? How many real-estate agents are affiliated with eXp Realty? What is …

eXp Realty Negative Reviews

eXp Realty Negative Reviews: Fact or Fiction?

Kevin OldhameXp Realty Reviews

eXp Realty Negative Reviews: Fact or Fiction?  eXp Realty is currently the fastest growing realty company in the country, boasting a cutting-edge cloud-based real estate format. The company was founded in 2008 by Glenn Sanford and in just nine years, eXp Realty has expanded into over 45 states with thousands of agents and brokers thriving under this innovative new real estate …

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eXp Realty vs. Keller Williams

Kevin OldhamCareers, eXp Cloud, Keller Williams

eXp Realty vs. Keller Williams. Industry comparison between the two models is a hot topic. Let’s break it down: Both eXp Realty and Keller Williams are doing well in the real estate brokerage market and they are helping real estate agents build successful careers for themselves. But which one of these two realty firms should you prefer to work with …

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Top 5 Reasons eXp Realty Is Not a Good Fit For Agents

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It is really comforting to be under the umbrella of a large realty company when you are starting your business as a real estate agent. There are dozens of brokerage firms operating in all parts of the country to choose from. One of these is eXp Realty, word’s first cloud based brokerage firm. It advertises itself as an agent owned …